Restoring and Improving the Flow of Boat Sales Information

Best Boat Sales

Whether you’re intending to buy a new or second hand boat, you have a wide choice of places to purchase from, both locally and internationally.

Marinas and boat yards have boat dealers on site, who either have a selection of boats for sale on site or have listings.

New boats are primarily sold through an authorised dealer for that manufacturer’s brand. Often marine dealers will represent a number of brands so you can easily compare at one location.

There’s nothing more exciting than having a leisurely time at the marine, inspecting luxury new boats. Maybe attending a boat show where you can see just about every brand of every boat imaginable in one place. If you are considering a new boat purchase a visit to a major boat show is a great source of information and you can inspect many boats in the one place and pick up the scuttlebutt at the same time

Online Boat Sales

But you don’t have to leave home to do your initial searching as online boat sales sites bring sellers together in an online catalogue for you to browse.

New boat manufacturers and dealers offer extensive information on models online, with virtual tours of the vessel, detailed specifications and photographs so you can appreciate the experience of the boat before you even step onboard for a personal inspection.

For used boats, the online marketplace is ideal especially for private sellers.

Most sites are divided into new and used boats, boat types, price range and many other sub categories.

For used boats, many sites categories by low hours, level of repair required and other selling features to easily narrow down your search.

Here are some links to used boat sales dealers and sites

Interstate and International Boat Sales

Many astute boat buyers are casting their search beyond their local region and finding great boat sale deals both interstate and internationally.

Some markets such as the US, offer an mind-boggling number of boats for sales and the large quantity results in highly competitive pricing.

The highly reputable internationally based boat brokers offer an extensive range of ancillary services such as title checks, demos and assistance with transport, freight, customs and other issues.

Your finance broker will also assist with international purchases.

Specialist skippers and crews are also available to transport your boat from port of sale to your home port.

Here are some links to international boat sales sites