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JetSki Loans

Jetskis and other versions of personal watercraft are great fun and their popularity continues to grow. They offer relatively easy transport and storage and can be purchased at great boat market entry level pricing, making them a very appealing alternative to a traditional boat for many people.

They are available in a reasonably wide range from one person stand up models to 3 person seated watercraft for the family to cater for the whole family.

And for those looking for fun, fast, exhilaration, nothing beats a jetski!

Sourcing a Great JetSki Loan

Your choices for a loan to buy a jetski or personal watercraft are essentially:

  • Finance Broker
  • Bank
  • Direct to a finance company

But not all finance companies have grown their marine portfolio in line with demand to include a specific jetski loan product. In fact, most banks and many consumer finance companies do not offer marine finance.

When approaching these lenders directly, you may be rejected or offered a more generic loan product which could include a much higher interest rate than a more specifically structured jetski loan.

To source the best jetski loan, why not cut down your shopping around time, save yourself a lot of hassles and consult first with a marine finance broker who has extensive experience in the specifics of jetski loans.

Finance brokers are readily available for private buyers as well as businesses.

You can easily refer to their website to check their credentials, accreditations and see that they offer specific loans for jetskis and personal watercraft

Finance brokers are accredited with numerous financial lenders and as such, have a wider range of loan products than a bank or consumer finance company which are limited to the products from their company’s portfolio.

Your broker can identify exactly the loan, which is best suit to your specific requirements. And that’s what you want.

Your broker can arrange a pre-approved jetski loan, so you are prepared with your finance when you head out to check out what’s available for sale.

Gives your great confidence in the negotiating process!

Your broker can arrange fast loan approval to get you out on the water faster.

Even if you have credit issues or not all the documentation required by a bank for a loan application, a broker may still be able to assist you with an attractive jetski loan offer.

You don’t lose anything by making an enquiry!

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